Diversity ToolKit

Size Diversity is Good Business!

In 2008, NAAFA saw a need to raise awareness and to provide education and resources about size diversity to corporate America. This need motivated us to create a size diversity tool kit. Since the launch of the toolkit, NAAFA has sent out over 700 Toolkits to Fortune 500 companies, academic and civil rights organization. The next step for NAAFA will create a Size Diversity Index (sm) which companies would be invited and scored on their efforts to create a weight neutral, body positive working environment. 

Our Objective: eradicate prejudice and discrimination in the workplace.

Here are the facts:

  • Employees of size are not significantly less conscientious, less agreeable, less extraverted or less emotionally stable than other employees
    (Michigan University and Hope College Study)
  • Research has shown that many employers hold negative stereotypes about fat employees which contribute to discrimination in the workplace
    (Rudd Report on weight bias)
  • Fat employees can be fired or suspended because of their weight, despite good job performance (Rothblum et al)

The toolkit contains the following information:

  • Industry Leading Commentary
  • Business Case For Size Diversity
  • Real World Examples of Size Prejudice And Discrimination
  • Business Scenarios With Discussion Questions
  • Glossary And Resources List

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