Asked Questions

Hotel/Area Questions:

Does the hotel have a shuttle?

Yes, the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to the airport. On arrival, call the hotel on the marked courtesy phones in the baggage claim area of the airport for instructions on how to catch the shuttle..

Does the hotel have on-site parking?

Yes, free parking accompanies each registered night’s stay.

Is the hotel accessible?

Absolutely! All meeting and dining areas are accessible, and the hotel has a limited number of fully ADA-compliant guest rooms.

Can you smoke in the hotel?

The Westin has a smoke-free hotel policy. Although smoking is not permitted within hotel buildings themselves, guests who smoke are permitted to do so outside in designated areas.

Can I get a refrigerator in my room?

Check with the hotel staff for availability. Phone: 1-650-872-8173

What restaurants are in the area?

A small listing of a few of the many restaurants in the area. Pls See below

Is there a grocery store nearby?


What's the number for a taxi?

Please Contact The Hotel (650)692-3500

Rate Breakdown/Service Charges, effective 2/5/06: >

$2.80 First 1/4 mile or part thereof
$ .45 Each additional 1/4 mile or part thereof
$1.50 Each additional passenger
$ .50 Each suitcase in excess of one per passenger
$2.00 Each trunk or similar size article
$1.50 Personal service
$ .45 Each 77 seconds of waiting time ($21.04 per hour)

Where can I get a scooter?

Coming Soon

Does the hotel have internet service?

For a set daily rate of $12.95 you get, in your guest room: Wired High-speed Internet access and Unlimited local phone calls Wireless access is available in the public areas

Registration/Convention Questions:

What is the cut-off date for the Early Bird discount?

The package must be paid in full by January 31, 2010.

What if I have to cancel?

If you cancel before July 15, 2010, your money will be refunded (except for a $125 cancellation fee). Because of agreements with the hotel, refunds are not possible after that date.

What is the last day I can sign up?

You can register for the full weekend convention, or for the Fashion Show/Dinner/ Auction Event on Friday night, and/or the Saturday Awards Dinner and Masquerade Ball until June 25, 2010 if paying by check, or by July 31, 2010 if paying by credit card through the website. If you are coming for the Saturday night dance only, you may pay cash at the door.

Are there any events I can pay for at the door?

Yes. The dance on Saturday night can be paid for at the door.

How can I volunteer to help during the convention?

One of the best things about NAAFA being an all-volunteer organization is that there is always a way for members to participate according to his or her skills. Many hands make for light work, so please look for the sign-up sheets in Registration or complete the online Volunteer Form and the Volunteer Coordinator will get in contact with you. Volunteer some of your time to make this convention even more spectacular. We’re always looking for people to take tickets at meals and other events.

One of the most fun and empowering ways to contribute is by being a model in the NAAFA Fashion Show. Be a star, strut your stuff down the aisle and show off some really gorgeous clothes in front of a cheering group of supportive fans! Models for the fashion show must be available Friday afternoon for a meeting, fittings, and rehearsal. The fashion show will be held Friday evening. We encourage all first time attendees to share in this awesome experience!

I’ve never been to a convention and I’m coming alone. How do I meet people?

First of all, welcome! If you’re coming for the whole convention, you won’t have any problems. We have several events that are designed for meeting new people. Meals are an especially good time to get to know other convention attendees. If you’re just coming for a single event, like the Fashion Show or the Saturday night dance, you might have to make more of an effort to mingle. Let us know at the door when you check in that you’re new!

General Questions:

What is NAAFA's “Open Door Policy”?

The NAAFA staff wants this week to be a safe and fulfilling experience for everyone. Inappropriate behavior and aggressive and unwanted attention does not support an atmosphere of acceptance and community and will not be tolerated. However, we can’t be everywhere, so we rely on you to help us – if we do not know about the problem, we can’t fix it. If you have any concerns, however, small, please bring them to the attention of any staff volunteer at any registration table. Your concerns will be addressed with tact and discretion, and you may remain anonymous if you wish.

What is the policy on photography and videotaping?

NAAFA welcomes people to take photos that they can treasure when they return home after the convention, but we would also like to ask your help to respect other members as well. For your personal photographs, we ask that you:

  1. Ask before taking anyone’s photo. You may not take a photograph of anyone who has not given you specific permission to do so.
  2. Obtain separate permission in order to post any pictures on the internet. You may have the best of intentions, but it is easy for those who don’t appreciate us to copy and past your photos on other websites or publications that scorn and disrespect us.
  3. Do not take any photographs at all at any time during meals.
  4. Do not bring your camera into the pool area.

All photographers at the NAAFA Convention must abide by this policy. Those who do not will be asked to leave. This INCLUDES any visitors or press who take photos. To ensure that this policy is clear to all present, it will appear on handouts given to everyone that purchases tickets.

NAAFA will have official photographers taking pictures throughout the event, and these pictures may be used by NAAFA for promotional purposes. If you do not consent to have NAAFA use your image, notify the photographers that you do not wish to be photographed.

Will there be media coverage?

There will be some media coverage of this event. Reporters, photographers, and camera crews will be present on Friday, August 6, at the Fashion Show event only and will be identified by special badges.

If any media representatives or photographers who do not have official authorization approach you, contact a NAAFA staff member or officer. While we understand that you may be willing to talk to reporters or be filmed by camera crews who approach you, we ask that you refrain from doing so until they have been cleared by the Board of Directors or other NAAFA officials.

What is the policy on personal possessions/lost and found?

NAAFA cannot be responsible for your personal possessions at events, in the Hospitality Suite, or at Registration. Please make sure that all handbags, cameras, and other personal items are labeled with your name. If you lose an item, check with the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel front desk. If you find an unlabeled item, please give it only to the staff at the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel front desk.

Is The NAAFA HAES Summit part of the convention package?

No, The NAAFA HAES Summit is a separate event from the convention. If you wish to attend the summit as well as the convention. you need to purchase a separate ticket.