Everybody in Schools
HAES ToolKit


Everybody in Schools (Chancellor) was a collaborative project between Chancellor State College and the University of the Sunshine Coast. One of the major outputs from the project was the development of the Everybody in Schools Curriculum Unit Resource Resource Kit. The Resource Kit is based on the Health at Every Size Principles (HAES) of valuing body size diversity, fostering self-esteem and resilience, healthy and pleasurable eating and active living. NAAFA is very proud to able to offer this resource on our website and thank all those who worked on this exceptional project. All material copyrights are those of the authours as noted in the document and are presented here with permission.

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The Kit includes the following:

  • Background section that outlines information about the philosophical foundations of the Everybody in Schools Curriculum Unit Resource Kit, including a slide presentation, HAES manifesto, HAES poster, and journal paper

  • Everybody in Schools Curriculum Unit plan and assessment based on the Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) Assessable Elements and Standards, complete with assessment rubrics

  • Four focus investigations including sequenced learning activities based on the QCAR Essential Learnings and Standards. The focus investigations reflect the Health at Every Size principles:
    Focus Investigation 1: What does it mean to be me? – Self esteem and resilience
    Focus Investigation 2: What movin’ makes me feel good? – Active living
    Focus Investigation 3: What can food do for me? – Healthy and pleasurable eating
    Focus Investigation 4: How can we appreciate EVERYBODY? – Valuing body size diversity

  • Photos available for use in teaching the curriculum unit
  • Student Health Questionnaire for teachers to administer before and after they have delivered the unit to students to assess changes in values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Instructions for how to analyze the results of the questionnaire
  • List of references used in the development of the curriculum unit
  • Everybody in Schools (Chancellor) Final Project Report
  • Journal paper that reports on the impact on teachers of designing and implementing the curriculum unit

  • Support resource required: You will need to purchase the book Shapesville by Andy Mills and Becky Osborn, published in 2003 by Gurze Books, Carlsbad CA, USA.